The Ecopolitics Association

The Ecopolitics Association of Australasia was the forerunner to the APSA Environmental Politics and Policy Group and was wound up with the founding of the APSA group in 2011.

The Ecopolitics Association helped manage the Ecopolitics Conference Series that held sixteen conferences, starting from Griffith University in 1986. Throughout the two decades of its existence the Ecopolitics Conference Series provided academics, activists and environmental practitioners with a unique forum for the discussion of important topics relevant to environmental politics. For over two decades Ecopolitics charted and influenced the evolving social and political circumstances of ecological issues in Australia, New Zealand and the broader region.

A brief history of the early conferences can be found in Occasional Paper 5 from the Mawson Graduate Centre for Environmental Studies at the University of Adelaide, The Ecopolitics Conferences 1986-1993 (Doyle, Dyer and Gunnell: 1993) (search for copies at Libraries Australia).

In 2005, the 20th year of the Ecopolitics conference series, the conference returned to its original home, Griffith University in Brisbane, for the sixteenth and final conference.

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