The Environmental Politics and Policy (EPP) Research Group, founded in 2011, was the first research group of the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA). It is the successor to the Ecopolitics Association of Australasia and the associated Ecopolitics Conference Series, which held sixteen conferences from 1986.

It seeks to allow an open and productive exchange of ideas among academics, activists, and practitioners of environmental politics in Australia and the region in particular considering:

  • environmental political theory
  • questions involving ecology and politics
  • environmental activism in Australia and the world
  • issues of environmental policy
  • philosophical questions bearing on environmental policy and politics
  • public knowledge of environmental problems and the political ramifications of such problems
  • contact and discussion among the general public, practising politicians, public sector employees

Although launched in 2011 the EPP group draws on a heritage of a quarter of a century of Ecopolitics conferences in Australia. It is now the primary vehicle for fostering scholarly communication and discussion concerning the changing nature of environmental affairs in Australia and the region. The APSA conferences and the group’s associated annual meetings are also the main forum for the presentation of new ideas regarding the region’s unfolding environmental movements and their theoretical basis. It is an important medium for the development and critique of environmental policy in Australia and the region.

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