The Environmental Politics and Policy (EPP) Group is a research group that operates under the auspices of the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA). It is the successor to the Ecopolitics Association of Australasia and the associated Ecopolitics Conference Series, which held sixteen conferences from 1986. It seeks to allow an open and productive exchange of ideas among academics, activists, and practitioners of environmental politics in Australia and the region … [more]


The Environmental Politics and Policy (EPP) Group was launched at the 2011 APSA Conference at Old Parliament House in Canberra, hosted by the Australian National University, where the inaugural Pete Hay Environmental Politics Prize was announced.

The 2014 APSA Annual Conference 28 September – 1 October 2014 was hosted by the University of Sydney. Prior to the 2014 APSA Conference the EPP Group and the Sydney Environment Institute co-hosted a full day workshop on The Future of Environment Movements. More information on the event can be found here.

The 2013 APSA Annual Conference was hosted by Murdoch University in Perth. The EPP Group held a Pre-Conference Workshop with a guest speaker from the Conservation Council of Western Australia.

In 2012 the APSA conference was hosted by the University of Tasmania in Hobart where the EPP Group sponsored a Special Panel: Sharing Power with Minority Governments: The Australian Greens

Membership of the EPP Group is now open to all scholars and practitioners of environmental politics and policy (academics, postgrads, public servants, activists, etc.) and costs $25 per annum. It is a requirement in the APSA Standing Research Group rules that Group members are also a member of APSA. Interested parties can join the EPP Group and pay their dues at the same time as they pay their APSA dues on the APSA website here.  The website has functionality whereby new members are automatically signed up until the end of their APSA membership. Subsequent membership remains aligned with APSA membership.

See new books associated with the EPP Group here.

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